INVT Inverters

Goodrive10 series mini

Goodrive10 Mini economic inverters are developed for general applications of small power and OEM market. It applies V/f control technology, making the functions of PID, multiple-speed step, DC braking, Modbus communication, as well as less installation space (15% smaller than the counterparts) available.

Goodrive100 Series

Gooddrive100 inverter contains both V/F and sensorless vector control. Uses newly designed platform to provide excellent motor drive performance and is a simple, high performance product aimed at the general inverter market.

Goodrive200 Series

The Goodrive200 inverter adopts DSP control system platform and uses vectorized V/F control technology.Compatible with many types of protection methods. Can be used with asynchronous motors, Providing excellent driving performance. The product\'s air duct design, hardware configuration, and software capabilities all greatly improve the customer usability and environmental availability.